Concepting, designing and solving intricate wastewater challenges

  • Activated Sludge Plants
  • Collection Systems and Pump Stations
  • Community Liaising
  • Conceptual Design
  • Construction Services
  • Detailed Design
  • Environmental Analyses
  • Infiltration/Inflow Reduction
  • Master Planning
  • Membrane Bioreactor Plants
  • O&M Manual Drafting
  • Odor Control
  • SCADA/Computer Observation
  • Septage Receiving Stations
  • Technical Support for Plan

Our wastewater services increase capacity and improve performance in existing facilities.

We always strive to conserve energy and provide environmentally safe solutions. We have designed several systems and serve municipal wastewater facilities, hotels, commercial buildings, apartments, schools, and more.

S&S Engineers, Inc.

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